About eMenders

eMenders is a group of medical and dental specialists in private practice at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre in Singapore. Our doctors represent more than 25 different areas of medicine and dentistry.

Each day, eMenders doctors care for local and international patients in need of effective and comprehensive medical and dental services.

Our Strengths

We pride ourselves on being able to offer patients a total solution to their medical and dental problems. This is because we adopt a multidisciplinary team approach in caring for our patients and treating them comprehensively.

Our clinics are located at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre in Singapore. Our doctors also have clinics in other locations and have clinical privileges at local and regional hospitals.

All eMenders specialists have international qualifications and/or additional international training, and most have held senior appointments at health and educational institutions.

The specialists have written articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals, and are regularly invited to speak at local and international conferences.

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Our History

Our name eMenders reflects our vision to provide medical and dental care for our patients and beyond that, to enable patients to access medical services and their health records using technology.

The “e” in “eMenders” refers to “electronic,” i.e., the use of the internet and other technologies as a medium to reach out to our patients and be accessible to them.

“Menders” means “to mend,” which is how we see our role in the community – to mend the sick, to save lives, and to preserve the health of individuals and their families.

Our Patients

Our patients are a diverse group. While many of our patients are Singaporeans and expatriates, a significant number of patients are international, hailing from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and other Asia-Pacific countries. It is not uncommon for such patients to visit Singapore specifically for medical treatment.