Plastic Surgery

The questions below were raised by visitors to the STOMP (Straits Times Online Mobile Print) website in the AskST section of the website. eMenders doctors provided the answers to the questions raised as a public health education project. The information provided below is of a general nature and should not be treated as a replacement for medical advice. You should seek consultation from a medical or healthcare professional about your specific medical condition.


At present there is nothing to show that electrical stimulation of the breasts will cause breast cancer. At most, you could receive burns if the electrical equipment short circuits, but as long as safety procedures are adhered to and the institution is a reputable one, then you should be safe from such negligence.

Whether or not the bust firming chemicals have any harmful effects depend on what is in them. Doctors eschew such treatment. It seems unlikely, but there is always a chance.

Moreover, you might be allergic to some of the components of the chemical and as such, could have an allergic reaction after treatment. This could manifest in a variety of severities and forms.

If you want to be safe, find out the chemical constituents of the mixture and check it against what you are allergic too, and find out if any of the constituents could cause cancer.

Contributed by Dr Harry Fok, eMenders Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

Moles on the face can be removed either by surgery or by laser.

You should see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to determine the nature of the mole and which method is best for removal of the mole.

Contributed by Dr Harry Fok, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

There is no data published so far to suggest that mesotherapy will be effective on patients with blocked arteries. The proven therapy for blocked arteries is still treatment of coronary risk factors.

There are several risk factors for coronary heart diseases. The more risk factors one possesses, the greater ones chance of developing heart disease. Risk factors like gender (men are at greater risks of getting heart diseases), increasing age and heredity cannot be controlled. However, there are risk factors which can be modified or controlled.

One should avoid smoking (including passive smoking), do regular checks on bodys blood cholesterol and blood pressure level (must not be too high for both to reduce risks) and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If one suffers from diabetes, one should keep it under control.

Contributed by Dr Teo Wee Siong, Cardiologist.

Double eyelid surgery, or upper blepharoplasty surgery, should be done by a qualified plastic surgeon. The following website provides a list of qualified plastic surgeons in Singapore.

A double eyelid surgery usually cost around $2000 to $3000.

Contributed by Dr Harry Fok, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.