The questions below were raised by visitors to the STOMP (Straits Times Online Mobile Print) website in the AskST section of the website. eMenders doctors provided the answers to the questions raised as a public health education project. The information provided below is of a general nature and should not be treated as a replacement for medical advice. You should seek consultation from a medical or healthcare professional about your specific medical condition.


This means that the scan shows a moderate size area in the lower portion of the heart that has been partially damaged but is still reversible and contains viable tissues.

Such patients should undergo a coronary angiogram to determine if the blood vessel has any blockage which, if present, can be cleared by a balloon and stent.

Please consult a cardiologist for further information on your situation.

Contributed by Dr Teo Wee Siong, Cardiologist.

It is common to have a heart murmur and if all previous investigations were normal, the murmur would be benign. No further treatment would be needed.

It is not uncommon for young healthy girls to have low blood pressure. As long as no faint/giddy spells recur, no treatment is needed. Patients with low blood pressure are commonly told to drink more fluids and not restrict their salt intake.

A heart rate of 56 BPM is also not uncommon in young healthy individuals, especially in those who exercise regularly. Unless you have symptoms such as giddy spells, however, no treatment is needed

Contributed by Dr Teo Wee Siong, Cardiologist