Singapore Oncology Consultants (SOC)
Singapore Oncology Consultants (SOC) is a group practice comprising Singapore’s top medical oncologists. Each has been in private practice for some time and collectively, they have more than 150 years of specialist experience. Each doctor already runs his or her own highly successful practice and all have built a reputation for excellent medical judgement and patient-centered care.

SOC treats the broad spectrum of cancer with comprehensive, world-class modalities, customised to the needs of individual patients. It is scientific knowledge and quality medical care that determines a patient’s chance for cure. SOC strives as a group practice to obtain a collective opinion through a meticulous and appropriate evaluation of pathology and radiological findings. The doctors run a weekly tumor board to discuss challenging cases seen in the practice. This ensures a correct, or optimal diagnosis and consequently, the best treatment outcome.

Each patient receives a personalised treatment plan where the latest technologies and drug options are deloyed to give them the best possible chance for cure.