Fasting is required for accurate assessment of your glucose and cholesterol levels. Please fast at least 10 hours prior to your appointment. Please DO NOT EAT or DRINK during fasting hours. Only plain water is allowed.

AVOID taking any medication on the morning of your screening, unless otherwise advised by your physician. You may bring your medication along and take it after your blood test.

Please bring along any previous medical records or films for evaluation.

For ladies, it is advisable to book your appointment about 7-10 days after your last day of menstruation. Please inform our staff if you are, or suspect you are pregnant.

For PET/CT scan – Please let us know if you have diabetes upon making your appointment. Additional preparation instructions are needed because proper management of your blood sugar is important.

For Treadmill ECG – Please bring along your sports attire and running shoes. DO NOT consume any caffeinated drinks i.e. coffee and tea before the test. DO inform our staff if you have any pre-existing heart problems or conditions.

For Mammogram – Please avoid applying perfume, powder or deodorant on the breast or armpit area. Please avoid this examination if you are, or suspect you are pregnant.

Please bring along either your NRIC or Passport (foreigners) for registration.

Kindly note that the entire health screening (depending on the package) will take about 3-4 hours.