Profil pemeriksaan Risiko Kanker( 45 year and above) Men/Ladies S$2,990 (before GST)

Men/Ladies S$3,200(after GST)
(Recommended for > 40 years old)

Rationale: A focused package to assess & actively pre-empt common cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer.

Target: Suitable for first-timers who have never had any previous cancer screen. This package is also designed as an add-on to those who have previous basic health screening within the past year. The package is suitable for initiating and tracking those who may require cancer intervention.

  • Medical History
  • Physical Examination
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • PET CT Scan
  • Retina Camera Test
  • Pelvic Examination (Ladies)
  • Thin Prep (Ladies)
  • Radiological Examination (For Men)
    • Chest X-Ray
    • Ultrasound Abdomen
    • Ultrasound Prostate
  • Radiological Examination (For Ladies)
    • Chest X-Ray
    • Breast Ultrasound
    • Breast Mammogram
    • Pelvis Ultrasound
  • Laboratory Investigations:
    • Full Blood Count
    • Liver Profile
    • Hepatitis Virus Screen (A,B & C)
    • Cancer Markers – AFP (Liver)
    • Cancer Markers – CEA (Stomach, Lungs)
    • Cancer Markers – CA 19.9 (Pancreas)
    • Cancer Markers – EBV (Nose)
    • Cancer Markers – Total PSA (Prostate for Men)
    • Cancer Markers – CA 125 (Ovary for Ladies)
    • Kidney Profile
    • Thyroid Screen (Free T4 and TSH)
    • Urine Analysis (Urine FEME)
    • Stool Analysis (Occult Blood)
  • Medical Report
  • Medical Review by Doctor

*Choice of healthy breakfast will be served upon completion of health screening.